Chivalry is not dead!

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Chivalry is not dead!

Postby DerpinDaisy » Sun Sep 28, 2014 12:56 am

Ok, terrorism will not be tolerated. Its unfortunate that we had to ban two people from our amazing server.

Even though I found it highly odd that "Philip" could run NON STOP. The two defendants did have legitimate stat numbers (they were maxed however and had only been playing for 1 day...?? odd rite?) and they made their characters with legit settings on the character creation page.

Later another joined the teamspeak server to talk to me about the issue of the banning of his friends. I let him know this is a community driven server and they would have to address the people that it involved not just me.

Long story short he continued to bash us during his "plee" and was banned from TS.

I really enjoy watching everyone grow as a community and make decisions!

That's why it sucks when people want to be poison.

Thanks to everyone for being good sports about losing some items (I fixed what I could)

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