Buffing up a banana!

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Buffing up a banana!

Postby davefollmer » Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:29 am


I recently acquired some solid '84 18 hulls and x-bars, thanks Genmar Star!. The hulls had some stencil lettering on the bows that needed to come off and she is oxidized very badly, chalky to be exact. The hulls are yellow with good "Boomer" stripes. I sanded off the stenciling and buffed the whole boat. It shined up great but has discoloration, darker and lighter yellow. I know I could just keep buffing until it evens up but was wondering if anyone had anything better. I have also considered wet sanding the whole thing and re-buffing but what a job that would be. I have done many white hulls in the past and am sure they had some discoloration as well but it wasn't noticable on white.The hulls are very shiny but just not as perfect as I would like them. I plan to sell this boat, would you guys worry about the slight discoloration or are shiny hulls good enough?

Please help.

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