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Re: WTB:Case/PSU/Etc.

Postby Letter3 » Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:48 pm

Lolz, get DDR3 and you'll be in the game again.

I still have DDR2 because I am not upgraded my comp, yet. It's on my list of shiny new things to buy, but it's not next.

The P4 is a nice name drop too 8-)

Speaking of which, we got new carpet at work and had to get everything off of the floor. There was a bunch of old stuff behind my cubical in the corner that they told me I had to get out of the corner and put on my desk. The junk included 2 P4 Windows XP machines, 1 flat screen CRT monitor, 1 PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard. The computers do not have power cords, but I am taking one into work on Monday to boot these machines up. They each have a floppy disk in them. I am told that they are old Slam Machines, used to test code prior to emailing it to clients (back before the stricter rules).

I told my co-workers that I am going to install SETI, but any other ideas are welcome.

Found old computers at work; going to hook them up and find aliens.

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