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Multiple Monitors Office not refreshing after update install

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Multiple Monitors Office not refreshing after update install

Postby markblake » Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:08 am

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This is a weird issue that is being caused by the installation of KB4034664 on Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Remote desktop servers. We run 12 servers with Load Balancing and everything was fine till 8/9/2017 when I installed all updates including the KB4034664 update on 7 of my servers. All 7 servers showed the same issue. When you connect via RDS with any computer running three 17 inch monitors and open Word, Excel, or Outlook 2013 (Office Pro 2013 installed on all RDS Servers) then move the window to either monitor that is not the Primary, the program stops refreshing. I know this sounds weird but I recreated it on all 7 RDS hosts, and it was reported by 5 other users with different computers (Lenovo Laptops and HP Desktops). It is strange, I move the Word window to a secondary monitor and type letters and nothing appears on the screen, I try to choose tabs and nothing changes. I drag it back to the Primary monitor and move around the window and the Text appears that I typed on the other monitor. I moved other programs over there, Notepad, a couple others we use and they all work fine.
Now I did troubleshoot, I started removing the Updates and found that when I removed the KB4034664 update and rebooted, the issue disappeared. I put in all but that one and everything is running fine. Also, I personally run two 24 inch monitors on my desktop and the issue does not happen. It seems to be limited to the running of 3 monitors and maybe the fact they are 17" running at 1024x768.
Thanks !

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