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Remote Computer could not be found?

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Remote Computer could not be found?

Postby markblake » Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:06 am

I have setup a Web Access RemoteApp server on Server 2008 R2 and it is no longer letting anyone connect to apps or use remote desktop from the outside. If I try to run any apps or try to RDP from the Web Access site it tries to launch but then I get a "The Remote Computer could not be found" error. It was working earlier today, I was able to launch applications from home but it now gives me that error.
Setup is as follows: All TS roles are installed on TSserver except the virtualization host since this is not a Hyper-V server. All the consoles show no issues, I have everything pointing to TSserver. I have an external site setup and it is working. I can get to the site fine, apps populate fine and overall there are no issues there. If I go to the RemoteApp server internally I can launch applications and rdp without a problem. It's just externally that they're not working.
I admit I'm new to all these new TS roles and just started setting this all up. But I can't figure out why this was working earlier today and now is not. The only changes I made were a redirect for IIS and I installed a new application (though a co-worker said he started getting that error before I installed that program).
What should I be looking at to resolve this? The fact that it works internally and that I can get to the site externally makes me think it's some small setting I'm missing. With so many different management consoles to look through it's a little difficult to pinpoint what's wrong. Thanks !

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