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How does floor cleaner use?

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How does floor cleaner use?

Postby qizhen0809 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:10 pm

<P>1, clear the foreign body and dust: the ground is now clean the impurities, and then use a vacuum cleaner or mop to remove the corner of the spider web. Clean all clean and then use floor cleaners.decking prices northern ireland</P>
<P>2, composite floor cleaning agent Usage: After cleaning the floor, it is best to open doors and windows, so that the air flow to the ground dry, usually in the process of using the best not to wear shoes,cheap composites wood floor for sale or paste the soft base pad. Do not use sanders, sandpaper or other metal tools to clean the composite flooring, or to avoid damage to the floor. Be careful not to clean the composite wood floor with a strong acid and alkali liquid.</P>
<P>3, the use of wood floor cleaning agent: wood floor, the most damp, can not rinse with water, you can wring dry wipes or mop to clean up, do not know how to buy floor cleaning agent,alternatives to marine plywood decking you can try in the inconspicuous corner. Remember, after the wood floor is thoroughly cleaned, be sure to wax.</P>
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