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Teach you choice sitting room floor and maintain

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Teach you choice sitting room floor and maintain

Postby qizhen0809 » Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:56 pm

In household environment, the sitting room is the person collects the place with use most, maximum number, accordingly, the floor conserve of the sitting room also appears all the more important. Conserve floor is the important step that the floor safeguards, but, how conserve? What kind of conserve is just science, reasonable conserve?

The basic premise of use floor

Good floor has needed to maintain, this has needed to maintain as good car is same argument. What the floor must end 48 hours in full installation is rear can use formally, be like: Place furniture, clear the ground. Proposal floor undertakes cleaning maintaining after full installation ends 48 hours the surface, promote each
physics property. If be entered not in time, must be opposite everyday indoor and ventilated. This is the early days job before be used formally, to the floor in the future maintenance has main effect.

Pay attention to the daily attention of the floor

The daily cleanness of the floor has main effect to the service life of the floor. In be used daily, forbidden use harmful and chemical material to clean floor, be
like: The agent pulling this world of unidentified composition. In be being cleaned daily, should use moisture content to manage under the Shi Buqing of 30% the surface, if the floor appears stain, be like: Vinegar, salt, oil be infected with floor, can use special and clean things, do not use benzine to clean. Perhaps, what you care most is indoor temperature and humidity problem, floor expert suggests you: Indoor temperature maintains in 12≤ of indoor relative humidity 40% when, should adopt impose wet measure of indoor relative humidity 100% when should ventilated platoon is wet, better air humidity is in 40.
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