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red oak calls

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red oak calls

Postby qizhen0809 » Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:56 pm

Ma Li to belong to, red oak calls bluish dogbane oak, white oak calls Bai Ma oak, red oak is not true red on reality, however wooden yellow slants a few pinker, white oak also is not white,Plastic Wood Walls Waterproof In Kenya however buff, this caused color of red oak white rubber tree to distinguish is not special it is big very, oak characteristic is heavy hard, grain is straight,

the structure is thick, grain of quietly elegant of colour and lustre is beautiful, mechanical intensity is proportional tall, wear-resisting caustic, Wpc Wood Review Decking Singapore but lumber is not easy at dry curium solution and cutting, use deformation like large area at the same time big, oak decorative pattern also has the distinction of straight grain and horizontal grain, straight grain is more pleasing to the eye, the price is a bit a few more expensive also.

4. Sweet camphorwood Its the biggest characteristic is to contain a lot offull-bodied aroma, this kind of aroma is OK drive bug, moth-proofing, mouldproof,Buy Armstrong Plank Flooring antiseptic, camphor ball abstracts the flavor in camphorwood to be made namely. Tree way is older, material fabric width, decorative pattern beauty.
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