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Guangdong quarantine branch

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Guangdong quarantine branch

Postby qizhen0809 » Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:34 am

The reporter examines 2 days from Guangdong quarantine branch learns, sanded discrepancy condition examines south quarantine bureau intercepted and capture 12 kinds of Extend Fence Height With Lattice evil living things from inside American entrance log recently, be fond of Malayamu among them small moth of moth of size of moth elephant, black fat,

thick tine and southern pine age small moth prohibits taking the quarantine sex of the condition for the country evil living things, moth resembles Layamu happy a horse to be intercepted and capture first for Guangdong port. Na Sha bureau already was made to this batch of goods manage except harm. It is reported,Easy Install Outdoor Composite Lumber Deck na Sha since trade division holds water a large amount of bulk cargo entrances such as lumber develop quickly, the lumber origin ground that in Na Sha port imports exceeds 50 countries and area, sort exceeds 100 kinds.

Sanded port imports timber south 2016 1893 batch, amount 658 thousand stere. Sanded bureau science is checked south guard a pass, intercept and capture the evil living things thatWood Material Application Wall harms environment of national forestry zoology for many times. Man-made board formaldehyde releases the industry standard pop chart such as set limit to to release Man-made board formaldehyde releases set limit to,
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