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card element board

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card element board

Postby qizhen0809 » Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:45 pm

2 check without card element board and the sale business that act the role of face plate; 3 check use man-made board the electric business manufacturer that manufactures furniture. Install Acid And Alkaline Resistant Garden Deck Act this, check man-made board to process a business in all 4, examination plank sells a company 13, the electric business company that the examination uses man-made board 16,

sample man-made sending check board 19 batch, sample send check furniture product 7 batch. The spot seals up for keeping be suspected of 640 pieces having the plywood that produces licence, interlocking wood planks for walls particieboard element board more than pieces 4000, be suspected of more than pieces 5000 producing character to measure the unqualified particieboard that stick a face,

goods is worth about 450 thousand yuan, and right among them 2 particieboard stick look unfamiliar to produce manufacturer to be suspected of be being produced without card already put on record is investigated. Execute the law personnel still instructs relevant company controller, deadline provides the business charter of Install Wood Interior Wall Panels Planks Outdoor plank supplier and manufacturing license, this bureau will examine to sample the circumstance undertakes real time pays close attention to, the job deals with after been do. 2017 1, full in May continent in amount of port lumber entrance is certain in have litre Since 2017,
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